Remote Diagnostic Sessions
For Visually Impaired Users

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  • Fast reliable connections for superior performance, reliability and security

  • Connects through most firewalls and routed networks. Many remote assistance connections fail because of poor connectivity or wrongly configured routers.

  • The 'Quick Connect' module does not require installing, thus no need to install bulky software
The average spyware scan yealds in excess of 200 active threats, even if your PC has anti-virus software installed!

You can tell when spyware has taken hold. Your PC will slow down, show you adverts and websites you didn't ask for, and toolbars you never heard of being added to your browser

But not all symptoms are visible or obvious.

We hope that this service has been of a benefit to you, we cannot and will not charge for using Teamviewer, it is and will remain free for personal non-commercial use, however we ask you to consider offering small donation for our time and expertise while diagnosing and irradicating any issues that were discovered on your computer,