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Resolve PC Problems

We have a number of fast and effective reliable resources to aid in the recovery of infected, unstable and slow computers.

Incorporating step-by-step guides and features to help resolve even the most stubborn issues.

Try our fast easy to use ticket support service, where your questions will be answered by our qualified technical support staff.

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Antivirus and Firewall Help

All computers need effective and reliable internet security & anti virus software, however there are so many to choose from and most are not worth installing, some even dangererous because it is actually malware mascarading as a legitimate threat scanner. We'll advise you on which is the most suitable free tried and tested 'trusted' solution for your needs.

Starting Fresh
The most important step is to thoroughly clean your systems before installing any new security suite.

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Latest News

More "irreversible" malware. Ransomware, which encrypts data and holds it for ransom, increased in 2012, and SophosLabs expects to see more in 2013.

Attack toolkits with premium features. Cybercriminals are investing big in toolkits like the Blackhole exploit kit. That investment has resulted in features such as scriptable web services, APIs, malware quality assurance platforms, anti-forensics, slick reporting interfaces, and self-protection mechanisms.

In 2013, look for continued evolution as such kits pick up premium features that appear to make it a snap to access ever-more comprehensive, high-quality, malicious code.

Better exploit mitigation.

On the plus side, as vulnerabilities increased in 2012 they've become harder to exploit, as operating systems modernized and hardened.

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